From Casual to Competitor 3: OCR Boot Camp and Beating the “Wall”

The last ten or so days have been quite tricky as I get closer to my first competitive wave. As of this writing, I am 13 days away from my first time taking on real competition, where it’s not just me versus myself and the obstacles; it’s me against myself, the obstacles, and 50 other people who are also out to prove how good they are. While I have already chosen to not focus on being the best there, I still can’t ignore the challenge of racing other athletes. It’s not something I’ve experienced in years, and I don’t count friendly competition of HORSE on a basketball court. My main goal is still put up a respectable time in the competitive wave. And with less than two weeks till then, I’m officially in crunch time.

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5 Exercises You Can Do at Home (With Little to No Equipment)

We all hear this excuses: I don’t have time! It’s too much of a commitment! It’s too expensive!

We’re barely into the new year and I bet most of you have made some kind of resolution to get in shape and have probably already used one of these excuses. Well, take this time to knock that out! Seriously. Do it right now! Shout it at the screen: “I will no longer make excuses!”

Now, after you’re done calming down your spouse, your neighbors, or any other innocent bystanders who are now giving you dirty looks at the coffee shop, let’s get down to the business.

Working out is not something that has to cost you the arm and the leg you’re trying to make stronger. Yes, it’s true that there are pricey options out there, from gym memberships to expensive equipment that you can order from the comfort of your couch. Of course, then comes the dreaded rut you get into where you’re paying for a gym membership you’re not using (and I’ve been there) or your treadmill or home gym machine is now a glorified coat rack.

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From Casual to Competitor 1

The first of my series. For those who’ve read my Prospective 2017 Calendar, then you know that I’ve recently signed up for the competitive wave at Warrior Dash. This is their first event of the year, and running in the first wave of the day lets me join the elite group of individuals who will be a part of their season’s kickoff. That in itself is pretty great. However, going from casual racer to competitive racer already has its effects on me as a person and an athlete. The focus of this series is to chronicle those changes.

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Prospective 2017 OCR Calendar

Most of you are probably reading this because you want to see someone who is pushing himself in the way you hope to do. I applaud that! Of course, I’m not perfect either. One of the areas I have discussed before as a place where I can improve is in planning ahead. This will be good for me for two reasons: first, OCR is an expensive hobby, and planning out my races will allow me to better budget out my year; second, it gives me a better focus on how I should train for these races, also making me a more focused athlete in the process.

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