Welcome to RyanRunsInMud.com!


First off, let me introduce myself. My name is Ryan. On a normal day, I teach 12th graders how to write and read better. However, occasionally, we all need an outlet. For me, obstacle course races became one of those outlets. My purpose in trying one out was simply because I missed running, but running conventional 5K’s had gotten a bit old. (I’m not dissing 5K’s. I still do them occasionally and don’t diminish anyone who enjoys them.) OCR’s gave me the fun factor I was hoping for. My first obstacle race was in 2014. I ran in the Rugged Maniac in Dade City, Florida. Since then, I knew that mud runs were going to be a big part of my life.

So why this blog? Well, for starters, I miss being able to write for myself. I’ve written a variety of material, including dozens of blogs for other businesses, poetry, and even a short novel. The other is to provide an outlet for myself to share tips and tricks for training and preparation for mud runs as well as my oh-so-valuable opinions about mud races I do or have done, both local and national.

Let me make a couple things clear: I’m not a professional athlete by any means. My goal is not to win world championships in obstacle course racing. I’m not a personal trainer or fitness expert. I’m just a guy who loves doing obstacle course races and this is my own little way of showing my appreciation for the sport and, maybe, bringing others to test their mettle, try something new, and give it a go themselves.

So, thanks for checking me out, and let’s run in the mud!

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