Tough Mudder Introduces “Tough Mudder Half”

ToughMudder_orangeLet me start off that this is a bit of a commentary and it’s also very impromptu. So do forgive me.

I was noticing some memes being shared making jokes at the new “Tough Mudder Half” event. Basically, Tough Mudder created a new half-length version of their famous course. Five miles, about 12 obstacles (not including some of their signatures like Electroshock Therapy, Arctic Enema, and others), and its own signature headband (this one is white).

Personally, I think this is a brilliant move by Tough Mudder. It does three things that have to be noted:

  1. It recognizes that the original Tough Mudder (10-12 miles with 20+ of the most intense obstacles) is a little much for the more casual obstacle course racer. However, most OCR’s are only three miles. The new five-mile option allows a stepping stone to budding OCR enthusiasts so they can grow in the sport without going full tilt.
  2. It continues to grow the famous Mudder Legion that has become a staple of the company. Symbolically, the white headband is like the first step into getting muddy. (Or it’s just another step to add in the quest to get all colored headbands.) And that leads me into my final point:
  3. It leaves the runner wanting more. I can speak from personal experience that after my first OCR, I knew it was a long way from my last. There is something kind of addicting about the sport. Do a half-length Mudder course, and they know (heck, I know and I haven’t done Tough Mudder yet) you will be back for more. And you’ll want to do the full course.

So big congratulations to Tough Mudder on the launch of their new event series. And Tough Mudder is still on my checklist of OCR’s for next year. Is a Mudder Half in my future before I take on a full course? Only time will tell.

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