Tough Mudder Unveils 2016 Catalog of Obstacles

ToughMudder_orangeOf the many obstacle races that I really want to do (and that list is ever growing), Tough Mudder is currently at the top of the list. As I’ve done my own reading to learn more about the events and company (I even applied for a couple jobs with them…sadly, I didn’t make the cut, sad face), one thing that has especially intrigued me about them has been their way of handling the unveiling of new obstacles. All of these companies, in order to stay fresh and keep their retention rate high, have to reinvent themselves in certain ways. But I haven’t seen many companies do what Tough Mudder does: building up the reveals of their new obstacles through awesome videos in spot-on social media campaigns. (One job I applied for was to work on their social media team, and yes, they still have my sumé.)

So, for the last week (and it’s probably been going on longer), I’ve seen videos through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram hyping the reveals…and today, they finally arrive! Check out the link to see all the Tough Mudder obstacles, including the new ones like the Block Ness Monster, the Flying Squirrel, and Walk the Plank.

I won’t take the time here to discuss what the obstacles are. (Go check out this awesome article from Obstacle Racing Media who nail it.) Instead, let me focus on what Tough Mudder did with these:

  1. They put the focus on teamwork. Founder Will Dean has often said that he believes the best part of Tough Mudder is the teamwork. 97% of participants go in as part of a team. It’s always been about the team, and Tough Mudder continues to focus on that.
  2. They continue to build up the Legion Nation. Aside from different colored headbands, Tough Mudder has always given its legionnaires (men and women who have done multiple Mudders) some extra fun on the course with exclusive obstacles. With new obstacles like Back Stabber and Frequent Flyer’s Club, legionnaires can ensure that they will get something special during their next event.
  3. They include exclusive obstacles for their new Tough Mudder Half. As I mentioned in a previous post, Tough Mudder knows that folks who aren’t ready for the 10-12 mile race need an option too. Exclusivity of these obstacles helps make Tough Mudder Half its own event, plus, as I bet they will rightly find, once a Tough Mudder Half is done, those racers will be psyched up to do more.

As I’ve mentioned previously, Tough Mudder is on my list of races to do this year. I look forward to take on the challenges they put out there. Let’s get muddy!

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